Skytop Cottage

11 Fairway Lane at Skytop Lodge

This 4 Bedroom - 4 Bath Property on the 15th Green is Available Now

Contact: - PA #RS273976

Skytop Lodge & Our Cottage are more than just a vacation destination; many families have been visiting for generations. What keeps them coming back? The answer is in Summer adventures, Autumn foliage, Winter sports and Spring flowers... All Skytop lovers share an appreciation and an abiding sense of Skytop's natural wonder.

Overlooking Skytop Lake with picturesque West Mountain rising in the background, the location proves to be ideal. The Lodge and Golf Course opened in June 1928. In 1930 a dam was completed and the lake was enlarged to its present size. Later, cottages were built and the 2,000-acre Goose Pond area was acquired. Decades of expansion... Indoor and Outdoor recreational features, The Spa and Conference Center followed resulting in the finest mountain retreat, all within 2 hours of Manhattan.